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Subtitle encoding error


Hello. I just downloaded this software to embed subtitles to mp4s without reencoding them, and it seemed to work... until you get to the final text subtitle, which never leaves the screen for the duration of the film! I've tried this with 20 different mp4s and subtitles, and the final bit of text will remain fixed on screen for the entire video. What is going on? Is this a bug in the program, or a i doing something wrong? It is not a problem inherent to the subtitle files, as I've hard and soft coded each to their respective mp4 before and did not encounter this issue. Any fix or this issue would be tremendously appreciated!
Closed Jan 30 at 9:16 PM by rboy1
Reopen if required along with sample file links


rboy1 wrote Nov 15, 2016 at 11:28 PM

Interesting, can you upload your configuration files (mcebuddy.conf and profiles.conf) and a sample video and subtitle file to the MCEBuddy server so we can replicate and investigate the issue.

wrote Jan 30 at 9:16 PM